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What Is BOB?

BOB ("Build on Bitcoin") is a first-of-its-kind hybrid Layer-2 powered by Bitcoin and Ethereum. By combining the security, liquidity, userbase, and innovation of the two largest blockchain ecosystems, BOB closes the gap between Bitcoin as a vehicle for mass adoption and Ethereum as a hub for innovation. This is achieved through BOB's rollup ecosystem that will use Bitcoin for security while enabling users to access all the on and off-ramps, dapps, stablecoins, NFTs, DeFi, etc. made possible by Ethereum's EVM.

BOB is backed by Castle Island Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Mechanism Capital, Bankless Ventures, and other high-profile VCs and is positioned to become the most secure and accessible Layer-2 for builders and users.

Why Hybrid?

Bitcoin is the leading chain in terms of users, adoption, and market cap, but there is a gap when it comes to innovation. This leads to a capital and talent drain to Ethereum and other chains where DeFi, stablecoins, NFTs, RWAs, DAOs, etc. all thrive.

By combining the best of Bitcoin (users, adoption, liquidity, market cap, and POW security) with the innovation capabilities of Ethereum (EVM, smart contracts, self-custody Web3 wallets), BOB enables developers to build dapps on the network with the greatest number of users and best track record in adoption. At the same time, BTC users are able to enjoy all the innovation within Ethereum's ecosystem without leaving the Bitcoin network.

The Bitcoin Renaissance

BOB is paving the way for the next generation of Bitcoin innovation, establishing itself as the highest security and liquidity L2 solution in the market. Our mission is to create a Bitcoin rollup ecosystem to power innovation and experimentation without relying on Bitcoin forks.

The BOB rollup ecosystem will eventually use Bitcoin for settlement, storage, and security while enabling users to access all the on and off-ramps, dapps, stablecoins, NFTs, DeFi, etc. within both ecosystems. Fully decentralized, BOB users will be able to use any application/wallet to trade, stake, and settle all with the same login.