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Welcome to BOB

This is a guide to get you started with building on BOB. BOB is leveraging an OP Stack-based rollup and is EVM compatible. This means that you can use the same tools and libraries that you are used to from Ethereum. In addition, BOB provides several useful tools to interact with Bitcoin.

Our docs are open source and we are happy to receive both feedback and contributions.

Get Involved

We love to work closely with you to make BOB useful to your use-case and ideas. For help, feedback, and bug reports, talk to us on Telegram

Getting Started


How To



  • Wallets: Learn how to use wallets on BOB.
  • APIs: Learn how to use APIs on BOB.
  • Rust zkVM: Learn how to write Rust off-chain code that can be verified on-chain on BOB.
  • Oracles: Learn how to use oracles on BOB.


  • Contracts: Overview of contracts deployed on BOB.