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Account Abstraction

Safe Wallet

Safe Wallet (formerly known as Gnosis Safe multisig) is a smart contract wallet. Featuring 130+ ecosystem apps and the ability to create your own modules and guard, Safe is the most trusted decentralized custody protocol and collective asset management platform.


Pimlico provides an infrastructure platform that makes building ERC-4337 smart accounts simpler. They provide bundlers, verifying paymasters, ERC-20 paymasters, and more tools.

BTC Connect

Made by Particle Network, BTC Connect enables users to control ERC-4337 smart accounts (i.e. smart contract wallets) on EVM-chains with their native Bitcoin wallets (e.g. UniSat). Interactions with products deployed on BOB can be conducted via Bitcoin wallet signatures using their pre-built modal. Learn more in their docs or in their docs.