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Acurast is a zero-trust application platform with universal interoperability.

Acurast provides Chainlink-compatible Price Feeds on BOB. See their guide on how to integrate with Acurast and the deployed price feeds.


API3 is building secure first-party oracles for BOB.

Once API3 is live on BOB, they will offer:

  • dAPIs: First-party aggregated data feeds sourced directly from the data providers.
  • Airnode: The first-party serverless Oracle solution to bring any REST API onchain.
  • QRNG: Quantum Random Number Generator for verifiable quantum RNG onchain.


RedStone is a modular Oracle providing Pull and Push model on BOB.

  1. You can use multiple Push (RedStone Classic) feeds including BTC, ETH, STONE, USDT, USDC, wstETH following the addresses in the docs.
  2. Integrate versatile Pull (RedStone Core) feeds with low-latency and innovative design of attaching signed data packages in transaction call-data by following these steps.

Assets (BOB Mainnet)


DIA provides 3,000+ price feeds for BOB.

See this guide to learn how to use DIA price feeds.

Assets (BOB Mainnet)

Supported Networks


Tellor is a versatile oracle protocol that can provide any data type permissionlessly, with crypto-economic liveness and security.

To use Tellor data see their integration guide and BOB related contracts.

Assets (BOB Mainnet)

Assets (BOB Testnet)